This meditation was shared at our meeting on July 2nd of 2019. It was written by Otter who guided us through it as part of a practice and discussion centered around the new moon and healing from the trauma caused by the oppressive systems we all toil beneath.

Sit comfortably but with your back straight and feet on the ground.  Close your eyes if you feel comfortable doing so. Take a few deep breaths in and out.  Notice how your body feels. We will do a quick body scan. Starting with your head, notice any sensations you feel.  Don’t try to adjust or change them, just notice what is there. Move down to your neck. Notice any sensations and acknowledge them.  Move your attention to your torso and notice how you feel. Move down to your belly and lower back. Move your attention to your pelvis and legs, down to your feet.  

Now place your hands over your heart if you would like.  Consider when you felt at your best over the past week. Maybe you had a great accomplishment, maybe you found a great connection with someone, maybe you did something else positive for someone.  Whatever it was, be grateful for allowing yourself to have such a positive experience. Repeat to yourself in your mind, “I am worthy.” Remember this feeling.

Keep your hands over your heart.  Now consider a time in the past week when you felt at your worst.  Maybe you made a mistake, you felt lonely, sad or angry, maybe you were inconsiderate, or careless or not as productive as you wished you could be.  Whatever it was, that’s okay. Repeat to yourself in your mind, “Even now, I am worthy.” Try to cultivate the same feeling you had when you were at your best.

Try to do this regularly with the same hand placement.  If you do it often enough, the hand position itself will remind you of the feeling of worthiness you cultivated.

Healing magic starts with our own minds in our own thoughts and intentions as well as our ability to enter into a calm and focused state of mind.  Meditation and visualization are important aspects of healing magic.

Oppression can have the effect of making us feel less than.  We often compare ourselves to others or base our sense of self-worth on what we accomplish or how well we relate to others, when in fact, we have inherent worthiness regardless of any of those things.

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