Every person we bring into our lives is important and vital to our individual journey, whether we choose to work with them in ritual, build a friendship, or nurture a more intimate pairing. Recognizing those bonds through spell work is a way to be more intentional about how we are with one another. 

Ritual is a tool to focus our intentions, a chance to stop, create a space, and put all our attention towards a very specific aspect of our existence for a short time. By carefully enveloping our work in an array of symbols – ritual tools, chants, songs, herbs, stones, elements, and more – we bring our whole being to bear on this one task. This ritual turns that focus towards the bond between ourselves and the other participants.

This ritual channels the power of Earth, it’s fertility and stabilizing traits, to honor our relationship. It tempers that energy with the other elements to create the ideal conditions for growth. The seeds we bury as part the ritual are a symbol for the growth of the bond created. The seeds putting down roots into the soil and sending up their stem and leaves into the air mirror the expansion of the relationship. This ritual is less formal than many similar rituals based on oaths or initiation. The bond already exists, instead we focus on mutual trust and open communication to create the foundation to keep it strong.

As always, feel free to perform this ritual as-is or modify it to better speak through the correspondences and symbols you’re most comfortable with.



A full moon ritual to connect and ground. To recognize, manifest, and grow connections and dedication to one another.

This ritual can be performed by a dyad or a larger bonded group.


  • Large cauldron (or pot) full of soil
  • Fresh water
  • Seeds (to match intention or fast growing ones to consume as sprouts)
  • Directional candles
  • Altar table
  • Pens (green, optionally)
  • Paper
  • Altar tools (up to preference/tradition)
  • Copies of intention, circle, written gratitudes, and directional calls
  • Bug spray (optional)
  • Light source (optional)


Begin by stating the intention of the ritual.

“We are here tonight under the full (type of moon) to recognize, manifest and grow our connection to one another. We do this magick with the intent to celebrate and strengthen the partnership/community we are building together, that it may bring us joy, support, strength, safety and beauty.”

Each participant then in turn may take a moment to speak of the gratitude they have for the relationship or group.

Circle Casting

The participants hold hands, creating a closed circle with their bodies around the altar and ritual space. Together they say:

“We cast this circle, as a safe space for nurturing, love, and growth.”

Sit for a moment and project out that feeling of love, seeing it coalesce around the ritual space. Then take another moment to feel and recognize the love intermingled permeating your being.


If done with two people, take turns with candles, otherwise have one person do each (larger group). For each direction, beginning in the East, first light the directional candle and then say:

East: “Air, we invite you into our circle of love. A fresh breeze of excitement. Gift us the clarity of open honest communication.” 

South: ”Fire, we invite you into our circle of love. The kindling of creativity. Gift us the spark of passion so that we may continue to engage with excitement and wonder.”

West: “Water, we invite you into our circle of love. The tides of change and feeling. Gift us the courage of vulnerability that will maintain us connected.”

North: “Earth, we invite you into our circle of love. The solid footing beneath us. Gift us the  wisdom to know our seasons for growth and seasons for rest.”

Grounding and Connecting

Take a piece of paper and write down what you wish to grow with this ritual. Use positive language that denotes already having what you are manifesting in terms of your foundation and shared connection. 

In a dyad, you may use the same piece of paper on opposite sides. Take turns to first write and then read out loud to each other.

In a larger group, provide individual pieces of paper for each participant. Participants may choose to share out loud or not. However, it is encouraged that they do, as it really brings the element of air into the ritual space.

In a dyad, one member will fold the piece of paper three times toward themselves. Then the two will hold hands with the paper between both their dominant hands, while visualizing their intention manifested. Then they will bury their joined hands in the dirt, to cover the piece of paper with dirt like a seed.

In a group, each member will take turns to come up to the altar to bury their small piece of folded paper in the cauldron of dirt.

Raising Energy

There is no wrong or right way. You may keep your hands in the soil. Or all participants can hold hands or place them on the surface of the altar space. Meditate, sing, chant, dance, visualize, etc. to raise energy and invest it into the soil and each other.

Planting Seeds

Sow the seeds into the soil. Visualize them absorbing and thriving on the energy and intentions you’ve placed into the soil. Each participant, pour some of the fresh water into the soil.


Begin in the North, thank each element with the words below before extinguishing the corresponding directional candle.

North: Earth, remain our solid footing, today and going forward, so we grow when needed.

West: Water, nurture the safety we create to be vulnerable with one other today and going forward.

South: Fire, tend to our passion so that we may continue to engage creatively today and going forward.

East: Air, keep us clearheaded so we may communicate honestly and kindly today and going forward.

Release the circle with these words: 

“We open this circle and take the nurturing energy, love, and growth planted here tonight with us.”

The Seeds

There are a lot of different things you can do with the seeds once they’ve sprouted. This depends on what kind of seeds they were and the goals of the relationship the ritual centered on. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use sprout seeds that will be edible in a week or two. Do a reflective meditation on the new moon following the ritual and eat the sprouts afterwards to ground and recommit your intentions.
  • Plant herb, flower or vegetable seeds. When they have grown into seedlings, transplant them into containers or to an outside garden. This could be an existing garden or a new one, perhaps one dedicated to magickal herbs.
  • Grow flowers or herbs with energies aligned with your relationship. When they bloom or are ready to harvest, save the flowervers and leaves to use for a rededication ritual.
  • If you really like to draw out your magick over time, caring for the plants as they grow can be ongoing work to symbolically upkeep the relationship.

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